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Dramatically Boost Your Chance for Career Success

The average job search takes over 7 months. Over 70% of today's workers say they aren't satisfied with their current careers. It's time to identify your ideal career and market yourself in a way that guarantees success.

Build An Attention Getting Personal Career Brand

Craft your brand in a way recruiters and hiring managers take notice. Set yourself up for future success by learning to positioning yourself for promotions.

Learn to Leverage Your Connections

Your network is your most valuable commodity when searching for a job or building your career reputation. Learn how to build a network that helps you climb the corporate ladder.

The Rules Have Changed

To compete in a digital job market, you've got to know the new rules to the game and how to use them effectively in your career. 

Imagine if...

  • Recruiters began reaching out to you with job opportunities in your ideal field.
  • You loved waking up on Monday and looked forward to going to work. 
  • You found the job of your dreams and it came with a great salary and amazing benefits.
  • You knew how to catch your supervisor's attention so you became the one he/she thought of at promotion time.

Reach Your Career Dream No Matter Your Starting Point

Over 75% of job seekers are eliminated during an initial resume screening thanks to software that scans digital applications. Job Searching in today's digital world can be overwhelming. By using the techniques inside our membership program - GET NOTICED, GET HIRED - you can drastically reduce your time and frustration and it takes to land a job you love. 

Fast Track Your Job Search

Even the highest performers can fail to get promoted unless they learn the secret qualities most bosses look for when deciding who to promote. Pathway to promotion will teach you the tactics and techniques to use to get the right attention for your supervisor. We'll even help you decide if it's time to look elsewhere for the next step in your career ladder.

Invest In Your Career Today!

Use this 30-day personal career branding course to get you noticed and land in the interview seat of the job you've been wanting. You'll learn how to showcase you as the ideal candidate and market yourself in a way that gets you the offer you've been waiting on. 

Are You Ready To Land In The Interview Seat of Your Dream Job

Career Accelerator

The Career Accelerator is a one-stop shop for the goal-getter and  success-minded individual who is looking to make their next career move. Whether that’s your first job or your next move up the ladder, inside the Career Accelerator, you’ll find everything to make sure you’re communicating your worth to hiring managers and recruiters in a way that makes you irresistible. 

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"Successfully Ever After helped me find passion and purpose again. You get straight talk and great advice. It helped me find the joy in what I'm doing again."

Casey R.
Area Liaison for U.S. Representative

"Experience was a huge roadblock for me. No one wanted to hire me without 3-5 years of experience for an "entry-level" position. I had searched for two years before using these tactics. Now I have a job in my field"

Career in Business Field

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